Spike Team


Competent Man

In literature, the Competent Man is a character who can do anything perfectly and displays a wide range of abilities, experiences and knowledge like “the most interesting man I the world” in the Dos Equis commercials, or a Renaissance man. SPIKE is a program that builds these kind of experiences and creates those kind of…

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King 33’s Chris Fields

Owner and lead instructor of King 33 Chris Fields is a US Army Special Operations veteran. Chris has a combined seven deployments in hostile environments and overseas assignments both in uniform and as a private contractor. Chris returned to what drew him into Special Forces and became an instructor for the legendary SF qualification course.…

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Be a more refined gentleman

From the pages of Hill’s Manual of Social and Business Forms published in the 1880s come some Laws of Etiquette. Amazing how over 130 years later, most of these are still relevant and apply to all. Here’s to becoming more refined gentlemen! Never exaggerate. Never point at another. Never betray a confidence. Never leave home…

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Gear If you are here visiting the SPIKE Website, chances are you are a gear guy or gal.  Our SPIKE Team members have been training and testing gear from all corners of the globe for years.  Some of our Team Members are innovative creators and modifiers of old and currently available gear. Whether on the…

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72-Hour Pack

Setting up a 72-Hour Pack or “Bug Out Bag” Setting up a 72-hour pack or “bug out bag” is specific to the needs of the individual based on skills, abilities, needs and circumstances. Below is information on my personal kit. I keep my kit together and use my kit nearly daily. If you are not…

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