Meet Our Instructor – Jason Wyman

IMG_4769Jason “Doc” Wyman (regionally know as “the Viking”) spent 4 years on active duty in the U.S. Army. 3 years in armored cavalry, deploying to Iraq as a patrol medic, and 1 year in aviation. Doc followed on to college and received a degree as a Medical Assistant. Graduating with honors, he became the first Medical Assistant in Maine General Orthopedics history to assist in a clinical setting, as well as in surgery. He currently assists veterans of all wars, working for The Department of Veterans Affairs.

Doc is our lead instructor for our Combat Medic Courses and an engaging speaker.  His fun and laid-back style of teaching keeps our classes fun and interesting.  With a very hands-on approach our SPIKE Team members and students get a realistic experience.  Our classes are divided into sections so you can learn the first aid and lifesaving skills in a more clinical/lab style setting before adding the combat stress scenarios.

We have a number of customized and certification courses we will setting dates for in the near future and will post them here on the SPIKE-TEAM calendar.  Having these skills offered up from a Combat experienced Medic will give you a real education and an opportunity to learn both textbook and field expedient live-saving skills.  Please feel free to ask questions or make comments or request through our comments area below.

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