A Manly “Call To Arms”

MansmanFrom the start of planning this website I knew it was important to have a page dedicated to being manly. While I have many reasons for doing so, some people were so concerned about me offending someone’s tender sensitivities.  If you know me, you are aware that I am not a person that has any desire to offend anyone, (unless they are really asking for it) or to make anyone feel excluded.  Our SPIKE Team is made up of a very diverse group of men and women from every walk of life, race and tax bracket.  All are welcome.  I love and respect every one of my SPIKE brothers and sisters and feel everyone living under the American system, set up by our forefathers, deserves to be treated equally.

As a man however I have noticed that my manhood has been marginalized more and more over the years.  So many “special interest” laws and regulations have been instituted and voted into law during my lifetime, I now feel like I have lost ground and become a second class citizen.  I am a man!  I like to hunt, shoot, smoke cigars and drink on occasion.  I like fast cars and powerful trucks.  My hobbies are loud, require fossil fuels and tend to be on the dangerous side.  I have a beard and I eat red meat more often than not.  Every one of my past-times has come under fire during my lifetime and many continue to be assaulted.  I feel like me and others like me are being driven under ground.  Some past friends that were men at one time, have allowed themselves to be neutered and emotionally high-jacked into believing that our manly way of life is offensive and harmful to baby seals and small children.

I thought if I could bring attention to our plight, that I may be able to save the ways of the manly man for the next generation.  I figured if I could start a campaign of awareness that would be a kind of “call to arms” for the remaining manly men left in this world, we could still shift the tides back to our way of life.  I knew I would have to come up with a marketing scheme that would shock the soft minded “modern” man back into his primitive manly behavior.  Then this morning as I was surfing the Internet it came to me from across the pond.  From the land we fled to escape the dress wearing, flowery smelling, disarmed girlie man land and home of the biggest sissy bully ever, Piers Morgan.

0nce I saw this, I knew that it would be the wake up call for all men, and even those that had traded their bourbon for martinis.  Once it is seen, it cannot be unseen…  If this does not scare you back into being a man, you are already post op and have lost your manhood.


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