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Spike Team


Camping Tips

Camping is a great recreational American pastime. I have always looked at it as a proving ground for survival skills and SHTF practice. From this I have come up with lots of creative ways to make the experience easier and more fun. Working smarter by finding multiple uses for my gear, while lightening and reducing…

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A tale of two preppers

Having a plan and working with others will make all the difference is a survival SHTF situation.  SPIKE was designed based on the Green Beret mission of training and organizing others to become a unified force with a focused mission or goal.  This article from the Daily Sheeple gives a great comparison of how things…

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Gear If you are here visiting the SPIKE Website, chances are you are a gear guy or gal.  Our SPIKE Team members have been training and testing gear from all corners of the globe for years.  Some of our Team Members are innovative creators and modifiers of old and currently available gear. Whether on the…

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72-Hour Pack

Setting up a 72-Hour Pack or “Bug Out Bag” Setting up a 72-hour pack or “bug out bag” is specific to the needs of the individual based on skills, abilities, needs and circumstances. Below is information on my personal kit. I keep my kit together and use my kit nearly daily. If you are not…

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