DARE drill




D.A.R.E. stands for Defense Against Restricted Entry. In a survival situation, gaining entry to food, shelter, fuel, transportation and concealment can mean the difference between life and death. Whether you have locked yourself out of your car or home lost the key to a padlock or shed, this skill set is something that can be helpful to everyone.

Understanding how things work and the internal workings of locking mechanisms can help you in planning and executing your own security measures. All security is an illusion. Anything that can be done can be undone. Once the secrets of lock-sets, dead-bolts, handcuffs, padlocks and combination locks are revealed to you, you will find this world of mechanical devices much easier to navigate.

If you will refer to our Home page, you will see that everything in SPIKE is designed to enhance and enrich your life. Getting arrest for breaking and entering, burglary or possession of burglary tools, would not improve you life. The point is that we expect anyone that learns these skills to use them for Legal Purposes Only! Lock picking is completely legal as a hobby and even a competitive skill. Many SPIKE participants in the past have gone on to become licensed Lock Smiths and make a second career out of it. It would serve you well to know and understand the law in your state, county and city before you travel with lock pick tools or engage in it commercially.

Learning about the many different types of locks and the many tools that unlock them is an adventure in and of itself. There are just as many techniques as there are tools and locking mechanisms. We will help you cut through the confusion and by pass the mistakes made by many beginner lock pickers. Not all picks are created equally and we will have some of the best available in our online store. We will also help direct you to other online resources with the best information and products to expand your knowledge and skills in this area.

As time permits we will make available a SPIKE D.A.R.E. training manual that will cover everything from surreptitious entry via lock picking to expedient breaching with hand and power tools. Covering the following; doors, padlocks, high security locks, vaults, safes, vehicle entry, electronic security, special intelligence entry, physical security, pick sets, breaching, tools and equipment. Additionally we will offer you some Do-It-Yourself projects that will help you build training aids to assist in practice and perfection of your new skills.

So get started with this skill set and impress your friends and neighbors when they are locked out of home or auto. Use it as a party trick to entertain small children or charm an attractive member of the opposite sex. Become the next Houdini or just keep your skills close hold and never let the guy in the next cubicle at work know that you could open that file cabinet he lost the key for last month in a New York minute. Begin!