Driving skills are something most people take for granted. While many took driver education in high school, few have done anything beyond that to improve or further their knowledge and skills is this important area. It is estimated that the average driver spends between 10,000 and 15,000 miles on the road each year. At 45 miles per hour that is equal to about 335 hours a years spent driving or about eight and a half, 40 hour work weeks a year. Some will drive many times that amount.

When you consider the amount of time we spend on the road and the many hazards that can come upon us is seconds, it amazes me that so few people seek out advanced driving skills after they obtain a drivers license. Everything we do in SPIKE is meant to extend and enhance your life and driving skills is no exception. Understanding a little about physics, road conditions, vehicle mechanics and some simple auto accessories can mean the difference between keeping the rubber on the road and seeing the shinny side down.

SPIKE driving School will cover on and off road skills, counter terrorist driving skills, vehicle surveillance and counter surveillance. Having the skills to control a vehicle on slippery roads or in a spin can save lives and prevent damage. You can gain these skills by learning the proper techniques to preform J-turns, boot-leg turns, tap-offs and ramming. Vehicle security and how to survive a car jacking as well as vehicle armoring and specialized preparations are all valuable information when it comes to your security. Running a personal security vehicle detail and even car bombing awareness will be covered in these extensive and detail courses.

Driving off-road has it’s own considerations for driving skills, vehicle preparation and accessories. This training can be a lifesaver and also a great source of entertainment and recreation. There are off-road driving clubs located throughout the US and many of these offer seminars for beginners. Through videos and articles we will offer sound advice to help you avoid the common mistakes that get new drivers stuck off-road, like high centering or just popping a tire off the rim. We are working to secure some locations to offer hands-on driving clinics to teach these skills several times a year. Some of the same principles taught in this phase of SPIKE will also apply to driving in heavy snow and flooded roadways.

Basic vehicle maintenance is one of the most important components of safe driving. Checking fluids and tire pressure on a regular basis will save you time, money and a lot of aggravation. Knowing what tools to keep on hand and how to use them will also shorten any temporary breakdowns and allow you to make small repairs before they become big problems. When we talk to people about prepping I often use the analogy of having a spare tire in your car. It is remarkable to me when most people respond that they have never changed a tire in their lives. When things go wrong is not the time to learn or develop a new skill set. Be prepared and have the skills, tools and knowledge to achieve your goals and missions every day. That is what SPIKE is all about.
So when you think about the amount of time you spend each year driving and the precious value of those that spend time in a vehicle with you, you can see why this training is so critical. Accident avoidance and driver awareness are something of a side effect of this training program. SPIKE Driving Course will bring even the best drivers to a higher level of proficiency and situational awareness. So buckle up sit back an ease your foot into the accelerator for some of the most fun you will have with SPIKE Team. Enjoy and be safe.

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