Possessing knowledge in first aid can be a real help. Every person in America has reaped the benefits from the miracles of modern medicine today. With excellent doctors, hospitals, walk-in clinics, ambulatory services, EMTs and Paramedics help is always just a phone call away. But what do you do when you are out in the wilderness or 911 cannot or will not respond. Just like personal security, it is up to you to possess the knowledge, skills and tools to meet the challenge.

Army Medics are often the most loved man in a unit. The medic in a combat situation is so much more than an EMT or Paramedic. These men become mother and doctor for most of the units’ medical needs. Checking the hands, feet and over all health of his teammates on a daily basis to insure they are in top fighting condition. Dispensing over the counter drugs, antibiotics, pain medications, IV fluids, minor surgery and even dental care when needed, Medics are a very valuable part of the team.

SPIKE Combat Medic training will teach you all of the skills you need to save lives, reduce pain and limit further injury. We will show you what items you must have and how to acquire them. What to do if you don’t have the latest and greatest medical gadget and how to find and use alternative tools and methods. Whether you are in your kitchen at home, where most accidents occur, or in a remote location with no communication to outside assistance, SPIKE Combat Medic Training will prepare you for every medical event.

Some of the subjects our SPIKE Combat Medic Program will cover include how to preform a medical exam, triage, CPR, suturing and debriding, advanced life saving skills, wound care, minor surgery, orthopedics, ditch dentistry, child birthing and so much more. These skill sets can help insure an improved quality of life for an injured person, reduced pain and limit the extent of an injury.

The SPIKE Program is all about improving the lives of people so with that in mind we will also cover the topic of nutrition, because we are what we eat. Sorting through the information available about GMOs, processed foods, artificial flavors and sweeteners can be a confusing adventure. With so many dieting plans and recommendations on the Internet and cable television it feels like a labyrinth in a horror story. SPIKE Combat Medic Program will help you cut through the confusion and find a healthy lifelong diet for your lifestyle, eating only healthy natural foods. We promise to bring you up to date information and alerts on these topics.

We will also invite other subject matter experts to share information on topics such as chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, natural remedies and herbal preparations. Many natural and noninvasive medical treatments have existed for centuries. Here in the US we are just starting to see these become more mainstream and millions of Americans are now reaping the benefits of these long proven methods.

If you live the tactical life like a lot of us involved in SPIKE Team training do, you are likely a gear guy or gal. The Medical field is no different from the shooting and field craft, communications or any other training topic when it comes to gear. The Tactical Medic world has grown leaps and bounds in the past 20 years and will grow even faster in the next 20. Setting up medical kits for home, bug out bags, long range adventure camping, and vehicles can be as much fun as training and practicing your new found skills. SPIKE Combat Medic training will review and recommend to you all the latest gear and gadgets we can get our hand on for you. We will post reviews that will help you make the best decision for your Medical kits and situation.

SPIKE Combat Medic Program will Start with online information right here. Very soon SPIKE Team will be offering our Combat Medic courses of varying length and subject matter. Our Medic instructor is a career medical professional and has down-range experiences having been deployed in hostile regions of the Middle East. Sharing those Combat experiences with our SPIKE Team students makes this training a step above most other first aid courses available. Please check back to see dates for our classes. The first of these will be held in the North East.

Get trained and “Stand Ready” with SPIKE Team!



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